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Leadership and Management Training

Leadership & Self-awareness

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This program is an extension of the concepts raised in PSG’s training for performance management. Read More→

Performance Management is designed to develop the skills required by managers to effectively manage their direct reports to Read More→

Managing Up addresses the approach through which direct reports manage the relationship with their manager so that both can be Read More→

Conducting Effective Performance Evaluations addresses an area of controversy and negativity. The program deals with the importance of Read More→

Performance Coaching

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Performance Coaching is an expanded version of the concepts developed in the performance management program. The focus is on Read More→

Managing with Emotional Intelligence

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Managing with Emotional Intelligence provides the tools and framework to improve our ability to manage ourselves and Read More→

Transitioning into Management

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Transitioning into Management is designed to provide new managers with the skills necessary to manage and uses the Read More→

Leading Teams

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Leading Teams provides team leaders with the skills to manage their team to meet their objectives. Participants explore the Read More→

Team Building

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Team Building, using the DISC Behavioral Assessment, is a highly customized workshop to address the needs of managers or individual contributors striving to Read More→

Diagnostic Surveys of Management Practices provides in-depth instruction in the tools available to management to obtain objective, uncontaminated perceptions of Read More→

Leadership I: Principles

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Leadership Principles, using the LPI (Life Practices Inventory), creates a solid foundation for understanding and answering the Read More→

Leadership and Influence identifies what successful leaders do, the meaning and impact of leadership, leadership styles, the importance of Read More→

Pay-for Performance Compensation

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Pay-for Performance Compensation is the process of rewarding employees based on performance. It focuses on annual merit increases to base salary to Read More→

Effective Use of Compensation Structures focuses on the development of salary grades and ranges which recognize differences in position responsibilities to Read More→

Developing Front Line Managers

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This program focuses on the basics of management, starting with performance objectives and Read More→

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