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Overview of PSG’s Compensation Package

PSG’s specialist consulting team evaluates total compensation strategy to ensure equitable and consistent pay practices, balancing internal equity with external market pay practices to attract and retain quality, engaged leadership, management and team members.

What does PSG’s compensation consulting team do?

  • Understanding the Business: Meets with key executives and managers to better understand the business.
  • Compensation Strategy: Analyzes pay practices to understand an organization’s compensation strategy and, following the steps outlined below, works with leadership to refine or develop compensation strategy.
  • Compensation Structure: Refines or develops compensation structures designed to ensure equitable, fair and consistent pay practices.
  • Executive Compensation: Develops executive compensation plans, including short and long-term incentive plans. (stock, cash, phantom stock, SARs, performance units).
  • Market Pricing: Market prices competitive set to determine pay versus the market and changes, if required, to attract and retain top talent.
  • Pay-for-Performance: Designs pay-for-performance incentive and commission plans.
  • Procedural Guides, Manuals: Prepares procedural guides to compensation plans (salary administration, incentive/commission plans, LTIs).
  • Communication and Training: Supports communication and rollout of plans; conducting training sessions as required for clarity of understanding.
  • Integration with Performance Management: Integrates pay-for-performance with performance management systems, focusing on goal-setting to drive performance and performance evaluation to link with merit increases and incentive payouts.
PSG offers a wide range of experience in compensation consulting
  • Executives, management and all other employees in:
    • Public and private companies
    • Not-for-profits
    • Higher education
  • Domestic and international
PSG has provided compensation consulting to diverse industries:
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Destination Marketing
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Technology

Combining our experience, talent and the power of business analytics, PSG will improve your ability to reward your best performers through more than just sales and EBITDA numbers.

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