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Building your Compensation Structure

Why do you need a compensation structure?
  • To ensure fairness and consistency in pay practices
  • To manage cost of compensation
  • To avoid many of the private negotiations which undermine equitable pay practices
Who needs to do it?
  • Organizations that don’t have it (frequently pay is too low or too high for employees in the same job);
  • Organizations that have not maintained their structure;
  • Where compensation costs are getting out of control;
  • Small organizations that should manage compensation effectively from the start.
PSG’S Role in Developing Grades, Midpoints and Ranges:
  • Market price benchmark jobs to establish external equity
  • Conduct “whole job” internal ranking to slot jobs for internal equity
  • Develop grades, midpoints and ranges and broadbands where appropriate
  • Determine mix of base salary and variable compensation and phasing, if required
  • Bring those below to range minimum
  • In collaboration with client, develop organization’s compensation strategy versus the market (pay at, below or above and by how much)
Surveys for Market Pricing
  • We conduct custom surveys of competitive set pay practices.
  • We have access to published market data, both nationally and internationally.
Global Compensation Policies:
  • We market price pay practices for global companies.
  • We develop compensation structures tied to country pay practices and in line with corporate philosophy.

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