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Market Pricing

To ensure that an organization is able to attract and retain high caliber staff, a critical component in developing your compensation structure is recognizing external equity – knowing how the competitive set pays. Balancing external equity with internal equity, we work with senior management to develop the organization’s compensation strategy. This means how you pay to the market – less than, at the market or at a premium over the market. In short, market pricing key jobs is an essential anchor in developing your compensation structure and pay strategy.

  • Market pricing is available from published surveys and we have access to many of them, both domestically and internationally.
  • We also conduct custom surveys of the selected competitive set and again, are able to conduct these surveys both domestically and internationally. This means that we can segment the pay practices of precisely the group of companies which you want to benchmark. Typically they are similar in size and in the same or a closely aligned industry.

While it is more cost effective for clients to have us market price from published data, custom surveys are essential for niche markets. In many cases, we’ll use a combination of custom data for certain positions and published data for others.

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