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Diagnostic Surveys of Management Practices

Diagnostic Surveys of Management Practices provides in-depth instruction in the tools available to management to obtain objective, uncontaminated perceptions of employees. Surveys make it “safe” to express true feelings and opinions. This enables leadership to identify and respond to issues and problems.

  • The 360° Review consists of feedback from a manager’s direct reports, peers and manager, positioned against a self-assessment. This is essential feedback on strengths to celebrate and most importantly, the skills or competencies to be improved to become more effective as a leader and manager. Gaps are highlighted for professional development and career advancement.
  • The Employee Engagement Survey provides a macro view of employee morale and internal business practices. High employee engagement typically means high customer satisfaction and therefore high productivity and performance.

Analysis by location and department pinpoints areas that need attention without compromising confidentiality. The themes analyses highlight the key issues and low-hanging fruit for follow-up and accountability.

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