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The 360° Review: Focus on Professional Development

What is the 360° Review?

The 360° Review is a learning and development tool for leaders, managers and individual contributors. The process provides feedback on core leadership and management competencies from direct reports, peers, manager and, frequently, business partners and/or customers. A self-assessment identifies disconnects in personal perceptions.

The 360° tool gathers feedback online from those who work closest with the individual. The purpose of the review is to identify areas for personal and professional development. Competencies across major categories (e.g. communication, managerial, interpersonal and performance management skills, etc.) are rated, supplemented by comments from reviewers for each category. The comments from PSG consultants provide additional insights into areas requiring improvement.

There are typically six or seven categories, selected and tailored in collaboration with the client.

The survey is conducted on-line via PSG’s Internet-based program. Reviewers remain anonymous. The result is a safe environment for frank feedback, providing reviewees with objective data for managing and working more effectively with colleagues.

Highlighting Areas for Development:
  • Detailed results are broken out by direct reports, peers, manager, others and self-assessment.
  • Line item scores are grouped by category, sorted in descending order and accompanied by comments from reviewers.
  • An executive summary includes major themes, strengths and weaknesses, and training and development needs.
  • The process identifies specific areas for development and coaching. This feature is as essential for high-performing, high potential managers as for those experiencing problems.

The process identifies critical training and development priorities for the individual and the organization, assists in career-pathing for high-potential managers and enables line managers to provide more focused coaching for their direct reports in areas requiring improvement.

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