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Employee Engagement

Why Employee Engagement Surveys?

Employee engagement is an employee's emotional and rational commitment to the organization, and willingness to go beyond the call of duty. An engaged employee: understands what he/she must do to add value to the company, has a sense of pride, feels a connection to the company mission and takes action. Disengagement translates into low morale, low productivity, poor performance and reduced profitability.

Why survey?

  • To increase employee engagement by identifying environmental, quality-of-life, quality of management and issues not recognized or not addressed by senior managers
  • To reduce unwarranted turnover by focusing on issues of concern to employees
  • To improve performance, productivity and customer satisfaction

Our online survey with total anonymity gives employees the opportunity to express opinions freely without the risks associated with expressing them openly. The survey results are a powerful indicator of employee engagement, morale, management practices and other issues that get in the way of success. Importantly, internal survey benchmarks are established to measure progress.

Survey Content and Customizing:

The focus on organizational and business practices and the inclusion of narrative comments in response to open-ended questions provide an extraordinarily effective tool for celebrating strengths and zeroing in on specific areas for improvement. The survey typically includes the following standard categories, plus additional categories if needed to address specific client requirements:

Quality of the Environment
Performance Management
Compensation Benefits

Job Satisfaction
Confidence in Management

The standard categories and line items are frequently modified to meet client needs. PSG will collaborate in developing a survey instrument that best connects your culture, core values and performance needs.

Survey Reports:
  • The summary report includes a breakout by category (regions, divisions, departments, locations etc.) and highlights high and low scores by line-item.
  • We provide an analysis of favorability ratings by line item and category.
  • An employee engagement index is developed from the ratings.
  • PSG also prepares summary reports for circulation to employees, if required.
  • PSG facilitates action planning meetings with leadership and focus groups.

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