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Integrating the Pieces – Starting with 360

The managing partner of a regional accounting firm has engaged us to conduct a comprehensive series of integrated mini-projects. The first step is to conduct 360o reviews for all the partners. The goal is to identify the strengths and areas for improvement of each individual and then leverage the results into a stronger, more focused organization that optimizes the talents of both partners and staff. Following the individual feedback and coaching to partners, we will:

  • Facilitate the development of a strategic plan;
  • Recommend changes to the organizational structure, focusing on reporting relationships and job responsibilities in relation to partner competencies and capabilities;
  • Work with partners to strengthen their competencies in their newly defined roles;
  • Develop a performance management system that tailors expectations and deliverables to the different partner roles identified in the new organizational structure.
  • Integrate performance management with pay-for-performance compensation;
  • Conduct follow-up employee surveys to assess progress and impact of the changes on morale and productivity.

The project is an excellent example of how strategic planning, talent management, organizational development and performance management can be integrated for success.

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