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Performance Management Systems

Why you need an online performance management system:
  • It makes planning and setting objectives easier.
  • It takes the administrative pain out of performance evaluations.
  • It eliminates paperwork.
  • It’s user friendly – you can keep it as simple as you like!
What’s different about the PMI online system?
  • Customizing to your special needs is rapid and cost effective
  • Our organization is flexible and easily able to respond to your needs
  • Principals develop the specs and take responsibility for the systems design and programming.
System Capabilities:
  • The objective setting worksheet is directly linked to the performance evaluation summary.
  • Core competency templates are available and can be customized to reflect your competency requirements.
  • The rating scale is flexible (1 – 10, 1 – 5, pure narrative, etc.)
  • It’s easy to include metrics.
  • The evaluation can be conducted semi-annually or quarterly with data stored for subsequent review.
Important Features:
  • Quantitative data can be rolled for progressively higher levels of manager (e.g. from salesperson to regional manager to VP Sales).
  • Financial or quantitative data can be uploaded to measure and evaluate performance.
  • Multi-rater capability enables the manager to obtain additional input from other managers or co-workers for the performance evaluation.
Technical Support:

Our system partners are available to:

  • Facilitate your installation and provide hands-on training;
  • Customize the system to meet your needs;
  • Provide secure hosting for the system;
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

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