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Overview of Talent Management

Why is talent management important for your organization?

Growing organizations need to focus on developing their talent and people need to grow! Each employee's professional development, a component of performance management, is the joint responsibility of both manager and direct report. We integrate talent management programs with succession planning.

How Performance-Solutions-Group can work with you:

Core Competencies

We develop core competencies by job families or functional areas. This is integral to the performance evaluation and the starting point for building IDPs (Individual Development Plans).

Training Programs

We provide customized training in key aspects of management and leadership. We also assist clients in developing their training curriculum.

  • Performance Management – managing for success
  • Leadership and Self-awareness
  • Managing Up – how to manage your manager,
  • A variety of other programs in coaching, managing with emotional intelligence, leadership, presentation skills, cross-cultural communication, managing across generations, leading teams, etc.
Executive Coaching

We celebrate strengths and identify potential derailers and opportunities for improvement, We analyze management and leadership skills, the culture of the organization and gain insights from in-person or online 360° reviews. We also use behavioral testing to provide additional input and for correlation with the diagnostic 360s.


Behavioral testing is an essential input to the coaching process and valuable in team-building exercises. PSG uses StrengthsFinder plus TTI's DISC Behavioral Profile, the Emotional Quotient Assessment and Personal Motivation & Engagement. Use of behavioral assessments for candidate testing also facilitates hiring decisions and is part of ensuring that your organization hires the right talent from the start.

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