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Assessment Tools

Why test?

Ever wish you had a crystal ball to help you determine whether a candidate is right for you? Candidates are smart and prepared. They rehearse and have the answers. You need testing tools to probe for hidden strengths and weaknesses.

The DISC and EQ assessments are frequently combined into an integrated Behavioral Assessment, a powerful tool. When combined with the Personal Motivation & Engagement assessment, an additional important dimension is added. Take a complimentary test and recognize the remarkable accuracy and insights of the reports.

DISC Analysis
  • Take the guesswork out of interviewing with PSG’s DISC. Testing time is minimal, turnaround is rapid and it’s extremely cost effective.
  • Use it for coaching to gain insights.
  • Use it for team-building to develop mutual respect for the different behavioral styles of team members.

The DISC analysis measures four key facets of a candidate’s behavior:

Dominance Response to challenges and problems.
Influence Influence over others.
Steadiness Response to the pace of the environment.
Compliance Compliance with rules and procedures.

The report also provides the ideal characteristics for the job plus insights into the individual’s value to the organization, tips for better communication, the ideal environment, keys to motivating and areas for improvement.

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

EQ (emotional quota) is the measure of your emotional intelligence – your ability to manage your emotions so that you can manage relationships more effectively. The key components to be measured are as follows:

Intra-personal: Self-awareness Self-regulation Motivation
Inter-personal: Empathy Social Skills

High levels of EI are characteristic of great leaders, with self-awareness regarded as the cornerstone.


The StrengthsFinder assessment identifies areas in which an individual has the greatest potential for building strengths. The application for strengths-based development empowers people to maximize their potential. According to Gallup, a strengths-based approach to management is the best means for

  • Improving employee-manager relationships
  • Improving employee engagement
  • Increasing performance with lower attrition
  • Generating increased profit and sales while delivering higher customer engagement

Individuals can gain far more by building on their greatest talents than the comparable effort to correct their weaknesses. Examples of the thirty-four attributes measured are:

Strategic Adaptable Analytical
Inclusive Commanding Learner
Competitive Consistent Deliberative
Self-Assured Disciplined Empathetic

StrengthsFinder is a powerful additional dimension when used in conjunction with our DISC and EQ assessments.

Case Study Testing
  • Case studies, designed for specific position and industry requirements enable candidates to demonstrate communication, analytical, problem-solving, management, interpersonal and other competencies.
  • The cases are scored in relation to the ideal candidate profile.

We conduct the testing, prepare the report and summarize results. We also assist, as required, in developing the case studies.

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