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Executive Coaching Objectives:

To identify opportunities for improvement in the executive’s style, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence and behaviors of leaders and senior managers to enable them to lead, manage and work more effectively with colleagues at every level.

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Wil Brewer, President of PSG, brings unusual depth and breadth of experience to coaching. With CEO experience and twenty five years of consulting experience in small to large companies, including Fortune 500s, he has covered a wide range of industries with primary focus on improving performance and productivity. Continuing referrals, close, collaborative relationships with clients and effective feedback and coaching for 360° reviews, have resulted in many successful coaching assignments.

In addition, Wil is certified as a coach for Stakeholder Centered Coaching (SCC) by Marshall Goldsmith, regarded as the leading CEO coach for Fortune 500s. See attached SCC profile.

Approach to Executive Coaching:

The starting point for coaching executives is analysis of the management and leadership skills of the coachee, especially the derailers. Successful coaching is built on insights from direct reports, peers, manager and even customers of the coachee, together with a sound knowledge of the organization. The 360° review and behavioral testing provide essential input. Additional elements of the approach are:

  • Understanding the performance objectives and operating responsibilities of the executive;
  • Developing the executive coaching plan, with focus on desired outcomes;
  • Ongoing progress reporting by the coachee, requiring thoughtfulness and commitment;
  • Case studies and role plays of situations typically and actually encountered;
  • Fundamentals of effective coaching of direct reports plus managing relationships with emotional intelligence.
  • Developing the self-awareness essential to effective leadership.

Clients of PSG who have benefited from executive coaching include public companies, not-for profit organizations and a spread of industry and service organizations.

We don’t promise miraculous transformations and are upfront in communicating the likelihood of success.

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