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Overview of Executive Coaching

Background – Our Coaching Story:

Wil Brewer, Master Corporate Executive Coach (MCEC), has leveraged his consulting and business experience into successful professional coaching. He is also certified by Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching.
Coaching and consulting assignments include major players – the largest global institutional caterer, the fourth largest toy manufacturer in North America, a Dow company, the US leasing division of a global Japanese powerhouse, the Las Vegas Convention Center, Brooklyn Sports # Entertainment, The Qatar Foundation – the list goes on.

Making Executive Coaching Successful (click on podcast below)

Why do companies call PSG for coaching services?
  • Stellar reputation for integrity, professionalism and effectiveness
  • Comprehensive diagnostics empathetic relationships with coachees, and a pragmatic approach to understanding the business issues
  • Grasp of best practices in leadership and management
  • Higher performance, more harmonious relationships with team members and peers
Who Needs Executive Coaching?

Like top professional athletes, top business professionals need coaches. For leaders and managers, need for coaching flows from the following:

  • Need to pivot in response to changes in the marketplace
  • Consideration of major organizational changes
  • Feeling at a standstill in job performance and growth prospects
  • Challenges following recent promotion to a senior or leadership position
  • A high potential being developed for the next step forward
  • Failing performance
  • Team morale problems
  • Need to polish skills to achieve higher performance
PSG's Approach:
  • Comprehensive diagnostics with one-one-one 360s plus behavioral assessments
  • Regular meetings for progress review
  • Selection of “stakeholders” to provide regular feedforward – input to the process
  • Focus on coachee’s specific business problems and challenges
  • Focus on managing relationships with emotional intelligence

“Managing for Success” drives PSG's coaching. Wil's background as a chartered accountant, B.Econ. Honors and MBA, contribute financial depth and grasp of business. Beyond the USA, projects have taken him to Egypt, the Emirates, Qatar, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria, the UK, China, Japan and Singapore.
Ultimately, success is a function of the coachee's commitment to changing behaviors and willingness to share problems and issues.

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