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For DMOs: Stakeholders, Meeting Planners, Tour Operators, Travel Writers

Customer Perception Surveys for DMOs

DMOs have Multiple Customers:

This means multiple accountabilities. Single-minded focus on understanding customer needs and delivering the highest quality service should drive business decision-making. Our online surveys facilitate the quick and cost-effective capture these critical perceptions.

  • On the convention side: meeting planners, hoteliers, delegates/conventioneers
  • On the tourism side: visitors, tour operators, receptive tour operators, wholesalers, travel agencies and travel writers
  • The stakeholders in your community: civic and state authorities, members, partners, vendors of attractions, and the residents of your community.

Why Survey?

You need to know what your customers think. A customer survey gives them the opportunity to freely express their opinions about the quality of service provided; It also sends a positive message that you value their business and focus is on continuous improvement to meet their needs; More importantly, you’re able to identify the problems to be addressed to improve service quality or supporting systems, processes and procedures;

And you’re able to establish benchmarks and measure progress going forward.

Major PSG Surveys:

Stakeholder Survey: The hotels, attractions, civic entities, restaurants, attractions and entertainment organizations that are either members or vitally concerned about the success of the DMO in creating economic impact for the destination.

Meeting Planner Survey: Meeting planners, the representatives of associations, who help choose the destination for their trade shows, exhibitions, conventions or meetings. Focus is on the quality of service provided by your DMOs convention sales and services department, and the quality of hotels, the convention center, the city and its related attractions.

Tour Operator Survey: Tour operators who bring group tours to destinations. Focus is on perceptions of the destination as an attraction and the quality of service provided by the tourism development department.

Features of the Surveys:

Focus is on specific aspects of customer service, with opportunity for narrative comments and responses to open-ended questions, extraordinarily effective for zeroing in on areas for improvement. Typical categories are as follows:

  • Quality of product, service or program
  • Quality of customer service from staff
  • Professionalism, competence
  • Other operational aspects for review and feedback.

We customize the survey instrument in response to specific client needs. In addition, our surveys identify customer groups, so the results pinpoint areas for action. We advise on communication of the results, assist in preparing memos and presentations for stakeholder or employee meetings, and facilitate meetings with senior management and department heads to develop responses to the survey.

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