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Overview of Performance Management

What is Performance Management?

Performance management means managing individual employees, together with the entire organization to achieve the desired performance goals. The whole organization is aligned and working to achieve common goals. This is about managing for success, measuring performance and productivity, and the management responsibilities that go with it:

Why is performance management important for your company?
  • Performance is superior when people know what is expected of them.
  • Individual and company goals are aligned.
  • Using the same tools and processes throughout the organization facilitates systematic follow up, accountability, coaching and evaluation.
  • Effective goal-setting and performance evaluation anchor pay-for-performance compensation.
  • Core competency evaluation is the basis for coaching, professional development and succession planning.
How PSG can help?

We work collaboratively with your project team and senior management to:

  • Align your vision, mission, values, strategic plan and annual business plan.
  • Develop performance goals and metrics that cascade down your organization.
  • Develop the competencies, skills and behaviors for different skill sets or job families.
  • Integrate performance management with pay-for-performance and talent management.
  • Provide implementation support and training.
Keys to Success
  • You need an effective performance management system to drive pay-for-performance
  • You need well-developed incentive plans to drive the actions and behaviors embedded in the goals and competencies
  • You need to integrate talent management with performance management

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