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Managing Up

The Concept:

Managing up is about effectively managing the relationship with one's manager so that both manager and direct report can be more effective in achieving their performance goals. It's also about providing the support that builds the manager's trust and confidence in a direct report.

This is perhaps one of the areas that attract least attention in management literature. Many of the fundamentals are the reverse of a manager's role in performance management. The direct report equally takes responsibility for mutually understood performance goals, ongoing communication, reporting and accountability, need for “reverse coaching,” and demonstrating emotional intelligence.

The Managing Up Continuum

PSG's Focus:
  • Emphasis on managing up in coaching assignments at both executive and senior management levels
  • Training programs in managing up – How to Manage Your Manager
  • White papers and blogs

Our training program in Managing Up is of special benefit to SMEs, individual contributors and support staff, who typically don't receive the training in performance management given to managers. Please click on our white paper and blog listings for more details.

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